About Company

Established on 1999, Secure-lt Safe LLC has been working to simplify data management for more than 23 years. Over the years, we serviced thousands of companies like banks, law offices, doctors’ offices and many individuals. Also, we have serviced many government entities like county, city offices and government defense contractors. Our company has been scrutinized by highest standard entity like government so you can be at ease with us. We follow all HIPPA rules and all standard business practices.

By imaging, your documents can be kept secured and immune from natural disasters like flood and fire. After imaging, we can shred securely, so you can save space. No more storage fees of boxes. Lastly, easy access to you documents. No more searching boxes after boxes looking for your files. Once imaged, search is quick and easy by key words.

We offer imaging services that include:

1. Document scanning and indexing.

2. Micro-media (MicroFiche and MicroFilm).

3. Architectural drawing, engineering drawings.

4. Photos, films and negatives.

We make ease of the complexities of data management. Protect and connect your data without the burden of legacy systems that hold you down. We untangled the challenging data management complexities with an advanced operational experience. We are flexible to whatever our client needs are. From rush work to onsite work. We will work with you to achieve your goal.